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October 23, 2012
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It started out as an unusually calm day at the 'Vargas' brothers' Italian restaurant. The small business was run by the twins, Lovino and Feliciano Vargas. Both were waiters, while their grandfather cooked the orders.

Suddenly, a young lady about their age with [h/c] hair walked in, checking her phone as she waited at the podium to be seated. "How many?"

"Oh, just one. I'm waiting for someone."

"Okay. Right this way~!" Feliciano chirped in his usual cheerful manner as he led the guest to a table near the windows. She happily seated herself and proceeded to wait.

"Hey." Lovino stopped his brother as he was on the way back to the kitchen to fetch the girl a glass of water.

"What is it, Fratello?"

"What's her deal?" He nodded to the girl. He couldn't help but feel curious. She was quite attractive. And she was alone. Why was that?

"Oh, her? I think-a she's waiting for someone." Feliciano smiled and headed back over to her with the ice cold drink.

Lunch service continued on quietly, not quite as packed as the rest of the week. Then again, it usually wasn't this time of day. Everyone was busy at work (for now).
One person was less focused than the rest, however.

Lovino couldn't keep his mind from drifting to thoughts of the mysterious girl. Who was it she was waiting for? He was dying to talk to her. He couldn't help but glance at her as he walked by, seating other guests. Every time their eyes met, a chill ran up his spine at how beautiful her [e/c] eyes were and she would smile at him sweetly and go back to munching on bread or yet again, checking her phone.

Finally, when the sudden stream of customers had stopped for the time being, the two brothers met up in the front. "Hey, you know that girl?"


"I was thinking...since she's so alone...and we don't have that much to do right now...maybe one of us should, you know, go and entertain her or something?"

"Si~! That's a brilliant idea, fratello! She definitely seems like she could use some company."

"So...I guess I'll do it."

"What?" The younger of the two looked up at his brother, amber eyes wide in confusion. "Why?"

"Well? Why not!?" Lovino's hazel eyes sparked in annoyance. What was he trying to say?

Feliciano sighed, running a hand through his auburn hair. "Well, it's just aren't the nicest sometimes..."
"WHAT!?" The dark brunette glared at him.

"Please don't hit me again!!!" the younger of the two held up his arms in protection while Lovino merely sighed.

"I-I guess you're right..."

His gaze wandered back to the girl, who had just checked her messages for the umpteenth time since arrival and watched as she looked out the window. Suddenly, her eyes widened and her hand gently rose to her mouth, trying to stop a gasp. He looked were she was looking and saw a boy, about their age as well, smiling and walking down the street with another girl who seemed to be glued to his side and laughing happily.
When he looked back at the [h/c]-haired girl, he saw tears in her eyes that she quickly tried to wipe away with a napkin.
"I...I'll be right back." Lovino frowned at Feliciano who nodded and went back to work.

"Hey." The Italian approached her slowly and quietly.
"Oh! H-hello!" The girl stammered, trying her best to smile and look cheerful. She failed miserably.

"My name is Lovino." He held his hand out to her and she took it gently, shaking it.
"I'm [Name]."
"[Name]..." He repeated softly to himself. It fit her.
"Do you mind if I...?" He trailed off glancing down at the empty chair across from her.

"O-oh! By all means, please do." [Name] replied, quickly removing her bag and gesturing for him to have a seat.
Lovino smiled at her and sat down, watching her stuff her phone which hadn't left her hands all afternoon, into her bag.

"So... [Name]...What brings you here today? If you don't mind my asking...." The dark brunette shuffled awkwardly in his seat.

"Oh." She frowned and her eyes became watery again. "N-no particular reason...."
He raised a disbelieving eyebrow and she sighed, realizing that the jig was up.

"This guy...That I've liked for a while...He finally asked me out. He said for me to meet him here...for our date...but..." her lip quivered a bit and she took a deep breath, trying to regain her composure. "I s-saw him just now...w-with another girl."

That, apparently, was the straw to break the camel's back, for tears began to stream down her face and she sobbed uncontrollably.

Lovino growled. "That stupid Bastard. I'll make him pay." Angrily, he began to rise in his seat, until [Name] grabbed his arm.
"L-Lovino! Please don't!"
"Why shouldn't I? The jerkwad made you cry! He deserves to suffer!"
[Name] laughed weakly. "It's alright. Really!"

Then, peering at him shyly, she flashed him a dazzling smile which made Lovino's heart skip a beat.
"And besides, I prefer your company to his any day."
The boy flushed a deep red. "R-really?"
She nodded, smiling wider. "Really."

Grinning, Lovino rose (much to [Name]'s confusion).
"Well Bella, in that case, May I take your order? It would be my honor." He bowed slightly and [Name] giggled, feeling much like a princess despite her depressed state.
"Why of course! But only if you promise me one thing."

Looking at him, talking with him, even just being with him was making [Name] forget her ordeal.  He was positively adorable, as well as kind and her heart buzzed with happiness. Maybe he would be her real prince charming.

"And what might that be, mio amore?" His eyes twinkled and a bemused smile graced his lips.

"Perhaps, you could keep me company awhile longer?"
Laughing, he nodded happily.
"I would love to."
Another Romano story!

Please Enjoy! :iconcuteromanoplz:

The story belongs to me.
I don't own you or Hetalia.
Hetalia (c) Hidekaz Himaruya
You belong to yourself.
I got the picture from: [link]
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Marienekoloid Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2014
Awww! This is the cutest thing eva! Lovino is soooo sweet *goes fangirling*
Lovino: María, what is-a all about?
Lovino: Lemme see-a your-a Samsung, ragazza idiota!
Me: No way, look is Francis! *slips Samsung on the sidetable*
Lovino: There is no France...wait-a where is-a the Samsung?
Me: *runs for her life*
Lovino: CHIGIII!
SakuraDrowned Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
tittle brings Memories:

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OHHH romano soft sides cominG OUT  >:)
DigiOtaku123 Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
This was really sweet! I always enjoy reading some fluff every now and then. :happybounce: 
love-to-last Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist

It was Denmark Or America Wasn't it? *Calls Russia,Germany,Prussia,MaleBelarus,China,Japan,England,France,And Switzy* Yea can you guys do me a favor?....... yea well you see *tells them*..... thanks so much you guys...... yea yea I know..... btw don't go to gentle *evil smirk*

I don't even hate America or Denny But I do hate Sealand.......

doughnutz007 Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2014
I love how you added Male Belarus in there.
love-to-last Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
X3 you always have to have someone crazy 
doughnutz007 Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2014
love-to-last Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist

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doughnutz007 Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2014
Thank you, i can't stop laughing and my sister had to come into my room for the third time tonight and tell me to shut up.
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