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August 26, 2012
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A car carefully pulled into the driveway of the little cottage on the outskirts of town. Its new occupants climbed out and walked up the long path to inspect their new residence.
"My," The woman exclaimed. "It's even more breathtaking in person."
The man laughed happily. "I told you it would be great! Now we just have to wait for the moving van." Just then, a little girl with [h/c] locks came bounding up to the two.
"Mommy! Can I go explore? Please, please, please!"
The woman smiled at her and rubbed her head.
"Sure, honey. But please, don't wander off to far, okay? Do you promise?"
Her daughter beamed up at her. "Okay! I promise."
Turning away, she took off towards the tree line which lay just at the end of the field.
Waving to her parents, she stepped off into the brush and began her adventure.
[Name] was buzzing with excitement. She had always wanted to go exploring and here she was, alone in the wilderness. The thought, as exciting as it was, was also somewhat scary to the young child and she made up her mind that she would be brave.
Suddenly, a small lop –eared bunny hopped across the path and her eyes widened in wonder. It was so cute! But, where was it going? Maybe she should follow?
Just like Alice in wonderland, she began to follow the creature. However, the path that [Name] was on was becoming harder to follow. Plus, the rabbit seemed to have increased its speed. [Name] began to worry about losing it and started to run. Just as she was beginning to get closer, her little foot caught under a tree root and she was sent plummeting with a soft 'thud'.
"Owwie…" She whimpered, tears beginning to prick the corners of her [E/c] eyes.
She carefully sat herself up and examined her knee, which hurt the most, and to her horror, saw a messy gash. The tears began to stream down her face as the lonely girl sobbed quietly to herself.
What was she to do? She was so far from home and she didn't think she could make it back…
And what if no one found her? As she was beginning to rub her eyes, she gasped at the sound of someone calling out. Maybe they would rescue her? They sounded close!
"Hello? Is someone there?" Suddenly, a little boy with messy blonde hair and extremely thick eyebrows appeared from behind a tree. He had a peculiar accent, much like the kind [Name] had heard in town before her family had driven to their new home. "H-hello?"
"Oh my!" The boy's bright green eyes widened in surprise which turned to worry as he saw her tear-stained face and bloodied hands and legs. "Are you alright?"
He trotted over to her and dropped to his knees, examining her wounds carefully before looking back up into her eyes.
"Y-yeah. I think so." [Name] hiccupped. "It hurts a lot."
"Here, I can help." The blonde stood up again and raised a strange object which bore a strong resemblance to what some would call a 'magic wand'. Then he began to say some sort of strange chant, causing both the wand and [Name]'s wounds to glow.
The little girl gasped in amazement as the cuts closed up by themselves, leaving nothing but clean, smooth skin behind. The pain had vanished too!
She turned her focus back to the boy who was smiling proudly and grinned at him. "Thank you so much!"
He blushed a little. "It was no problem."
Her gaze turned to the wand. "…A-are you a fairy?"
"W-what!?" The mysterious boy pouted angrily. "I'm not a bloody fairy!"
"Oh." [Name] frowned, becoming a bit worried. What if he was mad at her? She really wanted to be his friend…
Huffing angrily, he swept his green cloak out of the way and bowed low to the floor (which wasn't really all that low, considering he was quite short).
"I am Arthur Kirkland, the wizard."
"A wizard!" [Name] stared in awe. Then smiling, she stuck out her hand. "My name is [Name]! I hope we can be friends!"
Turning a bit pink, Arthur took her hand and shook it gently. "A pleasure."
"What are you doing out here anyway, Arthur?"
Sighing, he looked away. "I'm hiding from step-brother Francis. That bloody git always makes fun of me. He teases me about my hair and eyebrows. And my love of magic."
The little boy looked very sad and [Name] felt sorry for him.
"That's not very nice. Anyways, I think your hair and eyebrows are fine. So you shouldn't listen to him when he says mean things."
Arthur's eyes widened and his blush deepened. "W-wow! You really think so?"
[Name] nodded confidently and Arthur couldn't help but smile at her. "Thanks, [Name]."
"No problem! That's what friends are for, right?"
After spending the rest of the afternoon with her new friend, [Name] bid Arthur farewell just feet away from the field outside of her house.
"We'll see each other again, right?"
"Definitely. You should come over some time. I'll ask my parents, okay?"
"Bye bye!" [Name] waved as she headed off.
"Bye!" Arthur waved shyly and turned, heading back into the woods, so that he too could return home. The little girl tramped over to her parents, wearing a wide smile.
"My! You were gone quite a while!" Her father speculated pulling her up into his big lap.
"Yes!" Her mother agreed. "What was it you were doing all this time?"
"Did you have an adventure?"
[Name] nodded cheerfully. "Yeah! I chased a rabbit, but then I got hurt. But then, a wizard showed up and made everything all better, and now he's my best friend!"
Her parents laughed, sharing her enthusiasm.
"I'd say that that sounds like it was a grand adventure!"
"Mh hm!" The little girl smiled to herself, thinking of Arthur. "I wonder what sorts of adventures we'll have next."

Just as Arthur had turned to leave, he froze hearing something.
"Oh hon hon hon!"  The strangely familiar sound echoed around him and he jumped as a figure appeared from behind a tree.
"'Ello, Arthur! What is it that you are up to today?"
The little boy glared up at him.
"Francis! What is your problem, you twit!?"
Arthur's step-brother laughed again in response. "Ah, mon ami, you are simply too funny when you are mad."
Arthur huffed angrily and stepped around the older boy, who was much taller than him only to be stopped in his tracks.
"Who was zat little girl I saw you with? Is she your little girlfriend?"
The blonde whirled around, his face turning many different shades of red which would have made [Name] wonder if one of his magic powers was changing color like a chameleon.
"Oh hon hon hon~!"
Little Iggy~!

Please Enjoy!

The story belongs to me.
I don't own you or Hetalia.
Hetalia (c) Hidekaz Himaruya
You belong to you

I don't own the picture either. I got it from here: [link]
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